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I’m not even home for 10 fucking minutes and suddenly my mom needs $100 that I don’t have (because I emptied my bank account buying course packets and shit and the only money I have is the money I set aside for NJCon on my paypal which isn’t immediately accessible) and my brother didn’t walk the dog today because he’s a lazy fucking bum so the dogs PISSED ON MY FUCKING BED AND MY SHEETS AND MY PAJAMAS


So, apparently, i can have an opinion and voice it. But, if i do, out turns into a debate with my dad about why he’s right and I’m being stupid.
I can’t even have an opposite and researched opinion on why what’s going on in Ferguson is happening.
It’s pretty cool how he assumes I’m just arguing for the sake of arguing when I’ve been reblogging and reading every post about Ferguson and legitimately doing research about this thing. Awesome to know I’m always wrong and stupid in his eyes…

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