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Even John would have hated John.

It really does show how revenge twists John’s character

Can I just put this here to show John never liked the life he gave his kids? It was just what he had to do. Not only for revenge, not only because he had to have some sort of mental illness after losing Mary and finding out about monsters, but also because he had to protect what he had left of his family. John hated doing this to his kids. Isn’t it obvious?

I don’t think John enjoyed what he did to his kids but I disagree with the thought that he did the best he could. As a parent you’re supposed to put the well-being of your children ahead of everything else. He put revenge ahead of everything else, he even confirmed it in the season 1 finale. Yes, he wanted his children to be safe but he also wanted to have control over them. He could have left them in the care of a stable adult but instead he took them on the road while he chased pure evil. Doing this made John feel better because he had his kids close but it meant Dean and Sam were always a breath away from danger

Most child abusers don’t do it because they hate their kids. Most love their kids dearly but aren’t willing to put in the work of being a good parent. John chose to spend most of his time seeking revenge rather than cooking Dean dinner or reading Sammy a bedtime story. And during all those years that revenge eluded him he chose to express his anger and frustration by getting drunk and yelling at his children.

(Source: true-pain)

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